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Did Your Water Bill Just Jump?

Water bill jump in price Jensen Plumbing LLC has the solution. Best plumber in Denton

Have you ever opened your water bill and had to do a double-take? Our recent client, facing a mysterious surge from 3,000 to 9,000 gallons per month, certainly did. The increase wasn't due to extra-long showers or an impromptu water balloon fight. It was a plumbing puzzle waiting to be solved.

In the midst of this aquatic mystery, they turned to Jensen Plumbing, drawn in by stellar reviews and a history of courteous service. What unfolded was a testament to expertise, punctuality, and the power of a local, family-owned plumbing business.

Unraveling the Mystery: A Surge in Water Usage

The sudden spike in water consumption hinted at an underlying issue, yet no obvious leaks were in sight. Cue Jensen Plumbing, our heroes of the story. Father and son, a dynamic duo, promptly arrived at the scene armed with experience and determination


The Culprit: Buried PVC Water Line

Their investigation led them to an outside, buried PVC water line—out of sight but not out of mind for these plumbing experts. Swiftly and efficiently, the repair was executed, putting an end to the water bill mayhem.

The Jensen Plumbing Difference

This success story speaks to the core values of Jensen Plumbing—reliability, promptness, and a commitment to solving even the trickiest plumbing puzzles. It's a testament to the expertise passed down through generations in this family-owned business.

Why Choose Jensen Plumbing for Your Plumbing Needs?

  • Local Touch: As a family-owned business embedded in the community, we understand the unique challenges your home may face.

  • Prompt and Punctual: When water issues strike, you need a swift response. We arrive on schedule, ready to tackle any plumbing challenge.

  • Experience Matters: With father and son working together, you benefit from a blend of seasoned expertise and fresh insights.

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Trust Local, Trust Jensen Plumbing

So, if your water bill has taken an unexpected leap, don't ignore the signs. Trust Jensen Plumbing to bring clarity to the situation and restore your plumbing to its optimal state. Our success stories aren't just about fixing pipes; they're about ensuring peace of mind for our valued clients.

Ready to resolve your plumbing mysteries? Contact Jensen Plumbing today.


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